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Welcome to YOUR  community website. This is YOUR website so if there is any information or concerns that you want to "put out there" this is the place to make that happen.

There is a group of us working together to make improvements to our neighborhood that will hopefully make living here a more enjoyable experience.

We will happily accept any feedback you have to offer and encourage everyone to get involved in our quest. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas or concerns you might have.

We have "gone green" with our Newsletter, so if you would like to be added to the list to receive community news and information, please email your information to yourneighborhoodconnection@comcast.net and you will be added to the list.



If you have any ASSOCIATION CONCERNS or QUESTIONS please contact our Property Manager Corinne Rivera at Miami Management at 954-846-7545 ext 329


If you have any Birthday's or Announcements that you would like to have posted please here or in the newsletter, please email your information to yourneighborhoodconnection@comcast.net




 Advertising your business here on YOUR Web-site is a GREAT way to let your neighbors know about your business and potentially gain some new customers.  There is NO CHARGE to advertise here or in the Newsletter, so if you would like your business advertised within the Shannon Lake Estates Community, please send an email to yourneighborhoodconnection@comcast.net and you will receive all the informaton needed to make that happen.  Check out the Business section on this web-site.  On it you will find advertisements for businesses owned by your friends and neighbors.  Please show them your support and send your business their way.   

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A sign will be posted at the front entrance of our community each month  that there is a HOA meeting a few days before the meeting.  Our Meeting are always held at the Miami Management Office's.  If you have any community concerns or questions, please contact our property manager Corinne Rivera at Miami Management at 954-846-7545 ext.329



The  Property Manager at Miami Management for Shannon Lake Estates is Corinne Rivera. If you need to talk to her about community concerns, you can reach her at 954-846-7545 ext 329 or by email at crivera@miamimanagement.com.  



Great news! Blank Monthly Payment Coupons are here on the webste under the "documents" link. You can now print your own monthly coupon to submit with your payment.  If you would like to pay your monthly fee online go to https://www.miamimanagement.com. You'll need to setup an account, user name and password. To set up automatic payment you will need to contact Shari and she will send you the nessessary forms. 



Check out the Documents Page of this web-site....ALL the Association's Rules and Regulations are now uploaded.  If you have any questions as to the what is allowed, please check the By-Laws link out and all your questions will  be answered!!!



The City of Sunrise provides us with FREE Bulk Pick-Up EVERY WEDNESDAY!!!  This means that you have to have your items to be picked up out on your curb by 7:00 AM Wednesday morning and your items will be picked up before the end of the day. Please do not put your items out any earlier than the night before pick-up.


The NON-EMERGENCY Sunrise Police Department's Phone number is 954-746-3000.  This is the number to call if you see someone or something suspicious within our community.  The Police need us to help them to help keep our community crime free. It is better to be "safe than sorry" so don't hesitate to call and report any situation that you feel is "just not right".  To report a crime in progress....ALWAYS CALL 911!!!






















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