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We have a new lawn spray company for our community.  All Florida Pest Control will be treating our  common areas as well as the front lawns  for anyone who opts-in for this free service.  Call 866-981-1204 if you would like to have your back yards or homes treated as well for a discounted rate being offered to us all.   If you have not opted in to have your front lawn treated but would like to, email our property manager Corinne and she will give you the forms to sign up


Want to be up on the latest happenings within out community AND receive special offers and updates?   If so, send  your email address to yourneighborhoodconnection@comcast.net you  will be kept  up to date of anything new and exciting that takes place in our neighborhood! :O)



If you would like to know what events and opportunities that are available  in the City of Sunrise, go check out their website at www.sunrisefl.gov  The website is full of interesting facts and fun ideas that will keep you up to date and well  informed with the happenings of our great city. :O)



If you are looking for a quick way to  have your mailbox or wooden fence look fresh and clean again use a mixture of bleach and water to spray it with.  By spraying with this mixture, you will bleach away the dirt and mildew leaving behind the original white paint. This will save you from having to paint every time it looks less than fabulous.  Be careful not to spray the bleach directly on the grass on plants because they will not like it too much! :O)  This simple and effective solution will save you both time and money!!!



The NON-EMERGENCY Sunrise Police Departments phone number is 954-746-3600.  This is the number to call to report any suspicious happenings or individuals you see within our community.  The Police need us to help them to help keep our community crime free.  It is always better to be safe then sorry so don't hesitate to call to report any situation you feel is "just not right"!!!  To report a crime in progress....ALWAYS CALL 911!!!



If any of you would like to have your business advertised here on YOUR web-site or in an upcomming community email for FREE, or if you have any suggestions, comments birthdays or announcements, you would like posted, please feel free to reach-out at yourneighborhoodconnection@comcast.net   :O) 



Have you been thinking about painting your house? For many of us it is about time to treat of homes to a fresh coat of paint.  The South Florida Sunshine we get every day does a great job of fading the paint color on our houses.   In an effort to enhance and update the appearance of the look of our community, the allowable paint color choices have been changed.  To avoid any hassle and frustrations later...PLEASE contact Corinne Rivera at Miami Management at 954-846-7545 ext 329 for the NEW UPDATED APPROVED house paint colors choices. You can also go to the "documents" link on this website and click on paint colors, there you will see a list of the names of approved paint colors.  You can also go to Sherwin Williams and see the allowable options there.



September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!!! Taking care of yourself and being aware of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer is a DAILY requirement!!! Ovarian Cancer is a silent cancer that can sneak up on you and get you without any warning. Protecting your self and awareness is a year round requirement.  Please read the information on the Ovarian Cancer Research foundation's website as well as on the Ovarian Cancer Society's website  listed here and pass the information on to your friends and family...it could save a life!








October is  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but please don't only check yourself in October....to insure early detection....Please "CHECK YOURSELF" OFTEN!!!!......it's easy and can save your life!!! Learn how easy it is by going to www.Komen.org and click on the Breast Self Exam topic under the Helping You section. When you are on the Komen web-site, you can download and print yourself a step by step guide that will walk you through the steps of this short and simple procedure.  Just a few minutes a month can make all the difference.











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